What A Year…What A Year: Harvest Days 2016

During August we had begun to harvest some of the vegetables, so when school returned in September we organized specific harvesting days for the kids.  We sent them home with a flyer alerting their parents what they were going to be bringing home.  Perhaps this would help with their meal planning at home.  It might not be important to all that consume this produce but it is significant to note that what the kids bring home is a heavenly treasure…it is food as God intended, pure, organic, untainted by pesticides and chemicals.  Lastly, because we had our soil tested again this year, it is safe…from seed to the table!


The weather, much to our surprise, enabled the garden to peak at just the right time.  We set the following timeline for the remaining weeks of the garden…


Week of 9/12

Kale; Cherry Tomatoes; Eggplant; Squash


Week of 9/19

Potatoes; Tomatoes; Peppers


Week of 9/26

Peppers; Lettuces; Popcorn


Week of 10/3

Collard Greens; Sweet Potatoes


On harvest days we would line the veggies up on the tops of a couple of raised beds and let the children take what and how much they wanted.  There was always enough to go around!  (Click on photos to enlarge)

We are very proud of our sweet potato output, especially since this was the first year we actually got something from our efforts.  In previous years we either started them too late or didn’t plant them properly and therefore we got “nuthin…nada…zilch”.  This year after a promising start where we planted twelve sets we got hit by the first major heatwave and vandal attack.  All of the plants were pulled out of the ground and left to dry out in the excessive heat over a weekend.  All of our collard green transplants were stolen also.  We managed to save two sets of the sweet potatoes and lo and behold this is what came from them…


Digital Camera

We think that the sweet potatoes perfectly reflect the year we had a Nolan Elementary-Middle Schools’, “Planting The Seeds” garden.  Nolan’s Fierce Gardeners did a wonderful job and definitely reaped what they had sowed.  It was a great year where we accomplished a lot in spite of a vast amount of challenges.


I’d like to thank our garden sponsor, Maura Ryan-Kaiser of Snelling Staffing Solutions and her crack team of volunteers, much of what we do could not be done without their help and support.  And I’d like to thank Arthur Littsey, Project Sweet Tomato, whose assistance and instruction guided us to another successful crop.




Bonnie Odom-Brown


Maura Ryan-Kaiser


Arthur Littsey







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